Are visions of sugarplums??

 " Are visions of sugarplums dancing in your head, or is it a vision of growth for your voiceover business?"  Webster defines vision as a mode of seeing or conceiving unusual discernment or forsight. Want to become that person of vision? After making my list and checking it twice taking these steps could be wise.
Internal perception: Take an honest look at yourself and your expectations, realistic or otherwise. See yourself as an instigator not a spectator.
Innovation: Turning your thoughts into creative ideas. " One does not wait for inspiration but acts in anticipation of it."
Effective strategies: Remember it's 70% marketing, 30% behind the mic.
Professional mindset: Give yourself a gift by purchasing this book, " Turning Pro "  by  Steven Pressfield. It has changed my mindset from being an amateur to turning professional. Being a professional is so much more than just getting paid. It includes such things as client relations, a professional social media presence and so on.....
                                Last but not least take a break. It's paramount in renewing one's vision. Often in times of retreat inspiration comes knocking, and if we are burned out  we don't have the vision to open the door.
I trust this helps in putting together the pieces of your vision for the coming year.
Speaking of vision,  I am having one right now.  It's of settling in on this Winter's day and visiting a childhood memory by watching an episode of  Fractured Fairy Tales,  narrated by legendary voice talent Edward Everett Horton, along with a very talented voice cast. I invite you to join me at this link
May you and yours have a joyous holiday season!