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Please note: When you hire me you will be dealing with me directly. There is no middle man, so we can keep it simple. I am a non-union talent.

Voice over Rates

My voiceover rates explained

There are several variables that go into my rate card.

.... Is this project broadcast, or Non-broadcast

.....What size is the market demographics, national,regional,or national

..... duration of project


This will give you a pretty good idea of what you are looking at for my voiceover services. For your convenience you will find a request quote tab on my website. Once you have provided an accurate description of your specific project, I will in return give you an accurate quote. Please note I give a 10% discount if you are are a new client. Also please understand I am familiar with budget restraints. If you have a budget for your project that doesn’t seem to line up with the rates posted, I will be more than happy to discuss your particular budget and we will come up with a win win compromise. Send me your project details and I will be in touch.



Non - Broadcast : Corporate, Business

0-5 minutes: $200 USD

0-10 Minutes: $250 USD

10-15 Minutes: $400 USD

Non - Broadcast : Documentary, Travel video, Audio tours

05-2:00 Minutes- $200 USD

2:00 - 5:00- $250 USD

Broadcast: Television (minimum rate per spot ) 13 week cycle

Local: $350 USD

Regional:$1,000 USD

National: $2,000 USD

Broadcast: Television Tags ( minimum rate/spot : 13 week cycle

Local: $50.00 USD

Regional: $150.00 USD

National: $1,000 USD

Broadcast: Radio Spot ( minimum rate 13 week cycle )

Local (Small market ): $150.00 USD

Local ( Large market) $250.00 USD

Regional: $600 USD

National $1,000 USD

Non-Broadcast: Real estate virtual tours, museum audio tours

0-2 minutes: $150.00 USD

2-5 minutes: $200.00 USD

5-10 minutes: $250.00 USD

(For longer scripts request a quote )

Non-Broadcast / No internet

         Corporate, Industrial, Training video

0-5-- Minutes $150 USD

5-10--Minutes $200 USD

10-20- Minutes $300 USD

20-30 Minutes--$350 USD

Longer add $50 USD for every 10 additional minutes


Large-play/ Broadcast narrations ( National Geographic documentary. etc..)

Non-Broadcast and broadcast (film, video, documentary)- $400 and up USD depending on) length of script. (moderate-play- Non- broadcast)

Narrations- (Documentary or local public station only, internet video, DVD etc..)

Per project $250 USD and up based on length of script..

If you require a voiceover for a project not listed above, or if you have questions regarding your specific project, please send me the details.



....Professional voice talent

....Immediate turn around ( 24 hrs or less )

....Friendly hassle free service

....Edited voice tracks

....Skype conferencing 

.... Files in Wav, mp3, based on your specifications

.....Audio delivered via E-Mail, FTP, Drop box

... .Free retakes to correct or adjust a read to your satisfaction