The curtain is up, the mic is on!

I was inspired to write this blog after diving into the book “The art of Acting”,┬áby Stella Adler, A must read for voice actors everywhere.

Our performance as voice actors starts with taking the listener into the theatre of the mind.The word theatre comes from the Greek– “The seeing place.” This gives us voice actors a real clue to what our task at hand really is… Once we step behind the mic we set the stage for this mindful journey by constructing an effective backstory, thus sparking the power of imagination.

Webster defines the word imagination as the creative ability to form images,ideas and sensations in the mind.  Bringing your sense of imagination into the script, combined with an effective backstory complete with specifics, will ensure a great performance.

As voice actors we must first believe in the words, for then and only then can we effectivly usher the listener into their seat, into the theatre of their minds.

In a nutshell, the power of imagination can unlock the the door to a whole new world for us as voice actors!






Nancy Wilson, voiceover coach, producer made this incredible statement ;“The more we use our imagination in voiceacting, the clearer our message becomes for the listener.”