The Game of Tug of War


My inspiration for writing this month’s blog comes after reading the book “Do the Work”, written by Steven Pressfield. This book is the second book in a three part series. I highly recommend this trilogy to be a part of your resource library. Often along our artistic journey we arrive at a roadblock which ushers in a game of tug of war.

The question arises “What roadblock stops us dead in our tracks?”.  Let’s call it resistance. It comes in many forms such as fear, self doubt or procrastination. Once we identify this resistance it is our passion that often becomes our greatest ally to combat it.

We can look to Van Gogh, who out of his tormented state created extraordinary works of art. You may think that you have lost your passion, that you can’t identify it, or that you have so much passion that it threatens to overwhelm you. None of this is true. When resistance comes in the form of fear it can sap our passion. When we face and conquer our fears this mental tug of war ceases. We then release a boundless, inexhaustible well of creativity.

In closing, when we sit down at our Thanksgiving table may we reflect on our blessings and be thankful for those who ignite our passions.